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Contemporary Hanging Ceiling Lights

A well-appointed kitchen is the understated centrepiece of a lavish home, but its culinary marvels can only shine under the right lighting. With interesting takes on industrial lighting fixtures and an eye towards contemporary ceiling lights, we present our collection of lighting choices that are as luxurious as they are practical. Drop ceiling lights, pendant lighting fixtures, hanging ceiling lights – you name it, they’re all here.

Take our Mini Steel Painted Pendant Lights, for instance. Presented in a range of matte colours, these lights are working from an industrial design that will work in any room in your house. If you’re in the mood for something a bit funkier, take a look at our Fabric Exploding Ball Pendant Light, surrounded by an unusual shade that will illuminate your space even as it becomes an irresistible conversation piece. As long as you have the desire to think outside the box, there are ceiling lights that can match your whimsy.

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Mini Steel Painted Pendant Light Balloon Fabric Lampshade Petit Paris Pendant Light
Paris Pendant Light Grand Paris Pendant Light Industrial Concrete Pendant Light
Toulon Pendant Light Modern Pendant Light Antique Iron Pendant Light
Medium Steel Painted Pendant Light Large Steel Painted Pendant Light Paris Cluster Light

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