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Small Side & End Tables for Any Room

If your living room was a painting, side tables would be the trees in the background of a picturesque castle, taking nothing from the subject of the art while adding that touch of completeness. You don’t have to think of your home’s decorating scheme in these lofty terms to get the most out of your small side tables, but your vision as a home decorator matters! Modern end tables are such a small element to your home, but they have the ability to complete a look simply by serving as lamp tables for the living room.

Consider the Tray Top Side Table. Whether you use it in your living room or as a bed side table, this foldable mango wood table would bring the same essence of beautiful functionality. On the other side of the spectrum, there is the Andrew Martin Soane Side Table, a striking piece from a manufacturer whose bedroom side tables always add a new twist on modern elegance. For their size, side tables can play an important role in bringing a room together.

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Tray Top Side Table Mango Wood Tray Table Andrew Martin Soane Side Table
Andrew Martin Alphabet Letter Side Table

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