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Charming Wooden & Hand Painted Storage Cabinets

There’s something charming about a unique cabinets that are placed in the corner of a room or used in a bedroom. The piece begs you to ask about its history and inspect the design closely. A bedroom armoire is a secret place, its interior hidden from the world with decorative doors that beckon the curious with their concealment. A hand painted cabinet, chosen for its unique beauty and rich decoration, can say as much about its owner as what’s inside. Wooden storage cabinets could even be responsible for keeping a certain elegant mystery alive in your home.

At Designcall, we have stocked our virtual aisles with hand-selected wardrobe cabinets to fit your existing colour scheme and home decoration style. We have an assortment of Far East A-Line cabinets online in colours from ivory to black. If you’re looking for something as functional as it is chic, our Industrial Cabinet has many drawers and abundant filing space. Let your imagination run wild, and fill your new cabinet with whatever secret treasures you wish!

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Industrial Cabinet

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